Oak Hill School provides healthy hot lunches daily.  Lane Community College’s culinary program cooks, delivers, and serves the food.  Each lunch includes a vegetarian option, a salad, and a choice of juice, water, or milk.  Fridays, the Community Support Association (CSA) provide pizza at lunch time.  Students are always welcome to bring lunch from home, but may choose to participate in Oak Hill’s hot lunch program any day.  Families are billed per lunch at the end of every month, prices are set by the LCC lunch program.

Lunch begins at 11:40 for students in grades K-5 and 11:15 for students in grades 6-12 except where the lunch schedule is reversed.

Peanut-Free Table

Oak Hill’s cafeteria has a peanut-free table for students with allergies or sensitivities. In addition, when a student enters Oak Hill with a peanut or other severe allergy, teachers and students work together to educate the student population and keep the allergen out of the classroom. Currently, the entire Upper School is a peanut-free zone.