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Notes from the Headmaster

Headmaster’s Note
It is great to be back home in Eugene and at Oak Hill. The week in China was fruitful, but grueling: 5 cities, 4 hotels, 4 schools, and endless meetings and speaking responsibilities. Our school in Shenzhen is making progress and is growing. It has a long way to go before it reaches the potential we visualize. We have signed agreements with 2 public schools and one private school near Nanjing with the hope that the private school will build a high school with our name attached. The other 2 schools will be potential feeders to that new high school. In China, things take time; relationships need to be formed before progress can be made. Our goals include worthwhile professional exchanges, recruitment of the best students for our international outreach, and a community our students can visit for exchange purposes. Click the link below to view some pictures of the schools, administration and staff, students, and me eating barbecue, Chinese style! Stop by some time if you’d like to chat more!


Mr. S.

Students of the Month


High School: Brenna Cody

Brenna has been a stalwart student all year, working hard to really understand some difficult material. She recognizes that education is about connecting things that may not seem alike at first, and in that way she is a true scholar. But Brenna has also been a true friend to a handful of girls in our class all year, helping them to learn and grow. She has been consistent in her efforts to help Allison catch up and keep up – no small task, and has kindly helped others, too. She doesn’t do it for recognition; I think it comes from a core of essential kindness that ought to be recognized anyway.

Middle School: Alexander Charbonneau

Alexander is a delight to have in class.  When given an assignment he focuses and works diligently until it is done.  Alexander is almost always finished first with assignments given in class.  He also enjoys working with other students in groups.  Alexander participates in every class, asks great questions and is truly open-minded.  He turns in assignments on time or early.  He is helpful and considerate to his teachers and fellow students.  And his calm, good-natured, charming personality makes him a good friend to all his classmates.

Upcoming Events


HAPPY SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Terrific News from the Visual Arts Department!

The following Oak Hill Fine Arts Students had artworks selected for the prestigious Maude Kerns Mayor’s Art Exhibition this September!  Oak Hill will have 9 works in the show this fall, and additional details about this event will be published in the upcoming Greengrams of the 2017-18 School year!

Congratulations and Kudos to:

Maya Ordway (2 artworks)

Stephanie Loop (2 artworks)

Kaelyn Ellis

Zoey DeLuca

Leo Lu

Austin Mills

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Extra copies of the Yearbook are now available in the office for purchase (see Debra).  The price is $40.00 ($35 for all subsequent books purchased for siblings).