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Headmaster’s Note
Tuesday night, I accompanied our naturalist, Jim Luzzi, and our admissions director, James Pearson, to the Lion’s Club of Bethel meeting. Jim had been asked to discuss our highly publicized bee collaboration work between our high school and 2nd grade, plus our collaborating with another public school in a unique private-public partnership. James was in charge of the visuals, and Jim did the talking. I was there to support and schmooze. When it was over, I was again impressed with what we accomplish here with your kids. I nostalgically wished my grandkids were here to share in these unbelievable experiences from raising bees, making honey, learning cartography, building bridges, tree houses, ropes, and more, not to mention, learning out to use basic equipment like saws, hammers, and paint brushes. We didn’t even touch on the work Buck does in our garden. There wasn’t a sound during the presentation.

Now, a favor: help us reach out to others so they can learn more about our first-rate programs. If you would like any of us to meet with friends and neighbors, at your house for example, just let us know. Or to speak at organizations you are involved with. Our best source of spreading the word is you. In five years we have grown 75 percent: we have packed classes in the lower school with 26 kids on a waiting list; the middle school and high school continue to grow – the high school is up to 61 students from the mid-30s a few years ago; and this has all been accomplished despite our lifting the bar for admissions and only accepting strong, motivated students. The last ranking we saw for private schools in the state of Oregon placed us at number 10, with Marist (a much older school) at 14. We want to be number 1. Any thoughts or connections we can make?

Mr. S.

Students of the Month


High School: Brenna Cody

Brenna has been a stalwart student all year, working hard to really understand some difficult material. She recognizes that education is about connecting things that may not seem alike at first, and in that way she is a true scholar. But Brenna has also been a true friend to a handful of girls in our class all year, helping them to learn and grow. She has been consistent in her efforts to help Allison catch up and keep up – no small task, and has kindly helped others, too. She doesn’t do it for recognition; I think it comes from a core of essential kindness that ought to be recognized anyway.

Middle School: Alexander Charbonneau

Alexander is a delight to have in class.  When given an assignment he focuses and works diligently until it is done.  Alexander is almost always finished first with assignments given in class.  He also enjoys working with other students in groups.  Alexander participates in every class, asks great questions and is truly open-minded.  He turns in assignments on time or early.  He is helpful and considerate to his teachers and fellow students.  And his calm, good-natured, charming personality makes him a good friend to all his classmates.

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