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Notes from the Headmaster

Recently I was asked by the CSA leadership to share information about our Chinese Partner Program, that people were curious. That being said, I think this would be a good place to briefly summarize this very exciting venture. Six years ago we negotiated a contract with a company that recruits international students and was recently beginning to think about Partner schools in China. Very few schools nationally were doing this, so we were exploring new territory. We have a great model of language learning in our Spanish program, all led by Armando. We have student and teacher/administrator exchanges every year with the same town in Mexico. Learn the language, learn about the culture, and develop friendships and international sensitivity. At no cost to the school. We wanted the same with China( and ultimately a French-speaking country). We were already a leader in Mandarin education, much due to the great work of Sophie Wang and now, Maggie Simon. We presently have one partner high school, in Shenzhen, with the potential for 1-3 more. We get a fee for every student enrolled, and there are no costs for Oak Hill. All trips are paid for. Presently I have traveled there 5 times, and Maggie and James Pearson once, not costing the school a dime. We have earned thousands of dollars that are presently restricted, and we have recruited the two best students to study here. More trips and exchanges are planned. The challenges include the length of the travel and the Chinese government who can stop all such programs at the snap of a finger. Our intermediary runs the school for us, and we appraise the work being done so that our standards are being met. In Shenzhen we have under 50 students in 10-11-12. Our goal is about 200. We also hope to recruit all our Chinese students from our partners. This year we are also trying to get off the ground our first student trip to China, all expenses covered in trip fees. The big picture is that we want all our students bilingual by graduation. We also want them to have traveled to a country speaking that language. Lofty goals and challenges. So, what do you think?


Students of the Month


High School: Maya Ordway

Maya represented Student Council at the International Student Dinner and was an excellent steward for the student community.  On the retreat, Maya spent her time with a variety of different students and demonstrated a positive attitude during the entire trip.  Maya has displayed her usual determined attitude in the classroom and applied that towards her college applications.  More impressively, Maya has sought help and advice along the way.  In every way, Maya has proven she’s a “caring and responsible critical thinker” in the last month.  Congratulations, Maya!

Middle School: Hannah Cox

Hannah does her best to be a responsible student and a caring friend. She goes out of her way to talk to her teachers and fellow students, she is consistently kind, and she is conscientious about her homework. She participates fully in class discussions and always has a great attitude! Congratulations, Hannah!

Upcoming Events


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Remember: Middle School Dance TONIGHT, October 20, 7:00-9:00 in the Hub ($5 to attend)  

The Oak Hill Young Company has opportunities to earn community service hours. We meet every Tuesday and Thursday after school from 3:15-4:30 and we need help making a short movie. Jobs include camera work, sound work, editing, etc. Please contact kmeans@oakhillschool if you would like to earn some hours.

High School students that wish to do the Trapdoor Escape Room on November 17th need to let Dr. Melton know.  Places will be reserved with payments of $10 cash.  First come, first served.  We will have two games that day:  4:30 pm and 6:00 pm.

Welcome our visiting Artists-in-Residence Ernesto (10/3-10/24) and Martin (10/13-11/3)

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(10/20) Pizza!!!!!!