Quinn Connell was interviewed in an NPR article for his work on robot tackling dummies for the Dartmouth football team. These robot dummies allow players to practice tackling without injuring on another. Check out the full article here.

Jill Torres (2006) was featured in Eugene Weekly’s “Happening People” segment:


July 30, 2015

Though she was born in Los Angeles, Jill Torres has lived in Eugene since age 3 when her parents separated and she moved north with her mom. She went from Meadowlark Elementary to Crest Drive when her mother remarried, then to Jefferson Middle School. “It was a wonderful environment,” she says, “with a lot of social justice activists.” Meanwhile, her mother got a degree in education and began teaching fifth grade at Oak Hill School. “I had the opportunity of free high school at Oak Hill,” Torres says.

Read the full article here.

Noah Stryker (who attended 5th through 8th grade at OH) is a published author, chronicling his birding adventures both stateside and abroad. He is currently writing a blog while on his international birding adventure.


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