Every year, each OHS family donates more than 30 hours of community service to the OHS community. This service is invaluable to the different events and activities that support our students and staff.

There are a number of ways to contribute: from joining one of our standing committees—Holiday Ball, New Family Buddy Program, Preview Day, School Auction (just to name a few)—to contributing baking goods, helping with class field trips, volunteering in the classroom, teaching a class, garden party help, and so many more!

Community Support Association (CSA)

The CSA at Oak Hill School is our family volunteer organization. The goal of our CSA is to encourage family involvement in our school activities and build a bridge of communication between parents, teachers and our administration. One of the main focuses of the CSA is to work cooperatively with the faculty and staff to strengthen our OHS community through various events and opportunities.

With the CSA’s assistance, our students and staff can collaborate in doing their best work together and have a great deal of fun along the way!