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Head of School’s Note:

One of many things I love about Oak Hill is how we encourage our students to “think outside the box,” be risk takers, and to develop a deep growth mindset.  We don’t want any of our students to set limits on what they can accomplish, both in and out of school.   A number of years ago I read the book Mindset, written by Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck.  I later had the opportunity to hear her speak at a conference.  Her message about the influence of mindset is incredibly powerful, and she has decades of research to support her beliefs.  The first edition of her book was published in 2006, with an updated edition issued in 2016.  I enthusiastically recommend ­Mindset as a work that can benefit any of us in our daily lives.


John/Mr. O

HS Student-of-the-Month

Mimi Garant

Mimi was nominated for her leadership as the junior rep this year – she has done a great job stepping up and organizing our fundraisers, contributing in her words, actions and attitude. She has a great sense of humor, positively contributes in class, and is generally a solid person who is very dependable. Congratulations, Mimi!

MS Student-of-the-Month

Thor Rogers

Thor was nominated because he makes a point of being kind and caring to every student, and demonstrates a love of learning in class. His sense of humor is appreciated by his teachers and classmates, as well as his love of classic rock and television. He helps keep the 6th grade going with his straightforward and upbeat attitude. Congratulations, Thor!




Tuesday, 2/18/2020

Today is a “B” day.

7th Grade Snow Trip leaves

Junior Bake Sale in the Hub 11:20-11:50

MS Girls basketball practice 3:30-5:30

MS OBOB practice 3:30-4:30

Lunch menu: Yummy plates w/house made yum sauce

Grilled chicken, brown rice (VG)(GF)

Black beans (VG)(GF), cheese (V)

Sour cream, salsa (VG)(GF), ranch dressing (V)

Cucumber slices, carrots (VG)(GF)

Grandma’s Rolls (V)(contains egg)

Rice & beans (VG)(VF)

Watermelon (VG)(GF)

Wednesday, 2/19

“A” day

7th Grade Snow Trip

Junior Bake Sale in the Hub

MS Girls basketball game @ Mohawk – there will be no bus for this event.  Please arrange transportation accordingly.

Lunch menu: Teriyaki chicken (GF)

Stir fried vegetables (GF)(V)

Hawaiian sweet rolls (V)(contains egg)

Lemon rice (V)

Rice & beans (VG)(GF)

Pineapple spears (VG)(GF)

Thursday, 2/20

“B” day

7th Grade on Snow Trip

MS Chess Club 11:15-11:55

Lunch menu: Breakfast for lunch

Scrambled eggs (V)(contains egg)

Bacon & sausage 

Breakfast potatoes (VG)(GF)

Muffins (V)(contains egg)

Rice & beans (VG)(GF)

Fruit salad (CG)(GF)

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