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Head of School’s Note:

What a week! The Eugene Children’s Film Festival turned over its leadership to Oak Hill School this past Saturday. Kit and Tim Rogers accepted  on behalf of our school. (One of our films was a selected entry winner!) Thursday night at the Wildish, several films, including a faculty film, were presented at our annual high school “Academy Awards.” The LS talent show took place today, and tonight the HS prom is at the DAC. The rezoning efforts moved closer to a reality in the state legislature, bringing us another step forward toward our new theater space and the greenhouse. Almost a mile of fencing is going to be approved and built along our rear campus wooded boundary. Six feet high, plus barbed wire, will help make our campus safer. The funds for this and the rebuilding of our gym roof this summer will come via insurance due to the snow damage. Now onto Oak Hill Day next Friday, plus the celebration of our veterans’ efforts on Monday.

Have a great three-day weekend.

Mr. S.


Students of the Month

High School: Tim Turner

Tim was nominated because of his actions at the track district meet. Tim was in the first heat with another student, both going for PR’s, and the other student going for the win. They both pushed each other to up the pace. As they came around on the third lap, Tim had fallen just a little behind and the other student was hurt. Coach D yelled at Tim to go help the other student out, and Tim responded immediately – picking up his pace to pass the other student and pull him along for about 100 meters. This motivation was enough for the other student to pick it up and win the heat with a PR.  Tim finished second and also achieved a PR.  It was a selfless and awesome thing to do for a teammate. Afterwards, the other student acknowledged how much Tim’s move helped him. Congratulations, Tim!

Middle School: Aaron Noland

Aaron was nominated because he has been a huge part of student council this year, especially for a 6th grader and a new student to OHS. He takes notes and shares them with everyone even though he isn’t the secretary; he just took on the job because he saw there was a need. He works hard in and out of class on his homework and assignments and puts effort into every class and activity. Congratulations, Aaron!

Upcoming Events


The Admin summer hours will be 9:00-3:00, Monday through Friday, beginning next week.

US Finals Schedule:

  • Wednesday: 9:00 -11:00 (B1)
    • 12:00 – 2:00 (A1)

Weekly Lunch Duty:  5th Grade (Thank you, 5th Grade Students!!!)

Student end-of-the-year activities (Please let Debra know of changes!)

  • June 10-12 US Finals
  • June 12 (2:15) 8th Grade Graduation rehearsals
  • June 13 Last day of school – US students released at 11:30
    •    8:30 Kindergarten Graduation (Gather Room)
    •    10:00 All School Recognition Ceremony (Gym)
    •    2:00 5th Grade Graduation (Gym)
    •    6:00 8th Grade Graduation (Gym)
  • June 14 (10:00) Senior Graduation rehearsal (Gym)
  • June 14 (6:00) Senior Commencement Ceremony (Gym)
  • June 15-22 Debate NSDA Nationals (Dallas, TX)

International Student Graduation Celebration:

All faculty, staff, and high school students are invited to join us for the International Student Graduation Party. This year, it will be held on campus by the Hub! Thursday, June 13th (yes, the last day of school), from 12-3.

There will be grilling. There will be food and drinks. There may even be games.

Please help us say goodbye to these four terrific graduating seniors.  

News & Notes for Wednesday, 6/12/19

  • Activity bus off campus Wednesday & Thursday (yearly inspection)

  • MOD Pizza fundraiser (Coburg location only!)

  • 8:00-3:00 5th Grade Goodness Box Day

  • 8:30-12:00 3rd Grade Favalicious Festival (Gonyea kitchen)

  • 9:00-11:00 US Final Exams (B1)

  • 12:00-2:00 US Final Exams (A1)

  • 2:15-3:00 8th Grade Graduation rehearsal (Gym)

Wednesday lunch menu

Fish & Chips (Fries)

“Veggie chicken nuggets” (V)

Cucumbers & Carrot Sticks (VG)(GF)

White Rice (VG)(GF)

Tarter & Cocktail Sauce (V)

Bananas (VG(GF)

News & Notes for Thursday, June 13th

Last Day of School ! ! !

Full day for lower school; upper school students released at 11:30.

Activity bus off campus Wednesday & Thursday (yearly inspection)

8:30-10:00 Kindergarten graduation (Hub)

10:00-11:30 All-school Recognition Ceremony

12:00-3:00 International Graduation Party (Hub)

2:00-3:00 5th Grade Graduation (Gym)

3:30-4:30 Private guitar lessons (lower school Music room)

6:00-8:00 8th Grade Graduation & Dessert (Gym)

Lunch 6/13/19

Breakfast for lunch

Scrambled eggs (V)

Bacon & Sausage

Breakfast potatoes (VG)(GF)

Muffins (V)

White rice (VG)(GF)

Apples & Oranges (VG)(GF)