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Head of School’s Note:

Parent/Teacher Conference time is another exciting and important touchpoint in the school year.  As a parent, I fondly recall the many conferences I attended for both of my sons, from their preschool years all the way through high school.  It’s so affirming and rewarding to hear about the successes and accomplishments of our children from their teachers.  This is also a time when we might hear about some challenges our kiddos are facing, but to be able come away from the conference with a “home and school” plan for supporting your child and being part of the joint solution is equally rewarding.  In the end it reaffirms the commitment we’ve made to have our children attend an independent school.  I hope all of our families have the most positive and productive conferences possible!

John/Mr. O


Student of the Month

High School: Brenna Cody

Brenna was nominated for her efforts and flexibility on the recent 8th grade Outdoor Pursuits trip. Amidst some quickly changing plans, Brenna did a great job helping where help was needed, keeping a positive attitude, and modeling kindness to those around her. Brenna is also an excellent manager for the Cross Country team, just pulled off her first dance as Student Council’s Social Chair, and always finds ways to contribute to the school and those around her. Congratulations, Brenna!

Middle School: Bea Giustina

Bea was nominated for taking risks and stepping outside of her comfort zone. When she started running Cross Country, she was hesitant, but after leaning in and focusing her efforts, she has made big leaps forward, and her positive attitude was noticed by her coaches. Bea was also nominated for being a caring person in her everyday life. She puts a lot of effort into friendships and academics, and learns because she is interested in the topic, not just for the grade. Congratulations, Bea!

Upcoming Events


Friday, 11/15/19

Today is a “B” day.

No PE today (Jenny and Brian moving equipment back into the Gym)

Jana off campus (Chris covers)

Cyndy off campus

3rd graders in Gonyea Kitchen 8:30-11:30

OBOB Group 5 practice in Gather Room 11:35-12:15

OBOB Group 6 practice in Tech Center 11:35-12:15

Lunch menu: Pizza Friday!

Monday, 11/18

“A” day

OBOB Group 7 practice 11:35-12:15 in the Gather Room

Lunch menu: Beef taquitos

Cheese taquitos (V)

Tortilla chips with salsa (VG)(GF)

Refried beans (VG)(GF)

Rice & beans (VG)(GF)

Grapes (VG)(GF)

Tuesday, 11/19

“B” day

OBOB Group 1 practice in the Gather Room 11:35-12:15

MS boys basketball practice 3:30-5:30

MS OBOB practice 3:30-4:30

Lunch menu: BBQ shredded chicken (GF)

BBQ tofu (VG)(GF)

Split rolls (V)

Roasted rosemary red potatoes (VG)(GF)

Carrot & celery sticks (VG)(GF)

Rice & beans (VG)(GF)

Watermelon (VG)(GF)