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Head of School’s Note:

Fall has long been my favorite season of the year, and even with the unusual weather we’ve been experiencing, I am thoroughly enjoying my first autumn in Oregon.  The crisp mornings and evenings, along with the brilliant foliage, reminds me of my years growing up in New England.  The views on and around campus are also breathtaking.  Speaking of campus, the internet outage we experienced this week reminded all of us how dependent we are on technology, both as teachers and human beings.  I joked about how it forced people to have more face to face communication (which is a good thing!), but it was so refreshing to watch our students carry on without missing a beat.  I strolled around campus and watched them interact with each other in classrooms, play games at recess, and enjoy outdoor PE.  I was also reminded about a very thoughtful book I read a few years ago entitled The Big Disconnect; Protecting Childhood and Family Relationships in the Digital Age.  The authors are Catherine Steiner-Adair and Teresa Barker.  I highly recommend it, as its message is perhaps even more relevant today.

John/Mr. O


Student of the Month

High School: Brenna Cody

Brenna was nominated for her efforts and flexibility on the recent 8th grade Outdoor Pursuits trip. Amidst some quickly changing plans, Brenna did a great job helping where help was needed, keeping a positive attitude, and modeling kindness to those around her. Brenna is also an excellent manager for the Cross Country team, just pulled off her first dance as Student Council’s Social Chair, and always finds ways to contribute to the school and those around her. Congratulations, Brenna!

Middle School: Bea Giustina

Bea was nominated for taking risks and stepping outside of her comfort zone. When she started running Cross Country, she was hesitant, but after leaning in and focusing her efforts, she has made big leaps forward, and her positive attitude was noticed by her coaches. Bea was also nominated for being a caring person in her everyday life. She puts a lot of effort into friendships and academics, and learns because she is interested in the topic, not just for the grade. Congratulations, Bea!

Upcoming Events


Tuesday, 10/21/19

“A” day

OBOB Group 1 practice in the Gather Room @11:35 AM

HS XC practice during PE

MS OBOB practice 3:30-4:30

Lunch menu: Yummy Plates w/house-made yum sauce

Grilled chicken (GF)

Brown rice (VG)(GF)

Black beans (VG)(GF), cheese (V)

Sour cream, salsa (VG)(GF), ranch dressing (V)

Cucumber slices, carrots (VG)(GF)

Grandma’s Rolls (V), rice & beans (VG)(GF)

Pineapple spears (VG)(GF)

Wednesday, 10/23/19

“B” Day

OBOB Group 4 practice in the Gather Room @11:35 AM

No MS XC practice

HS XC meet: Country Fair Classic at Richardson Park – leave OHS at 1:00

Lunch menu: Whole wheat pasta marinara (V)


Garlic bread (V)

Caesar salad (VG)(GF)

Green beans (VG)(GF)

Rice & beans (VG)(GF)

Bananas (VG)(GF)

Thursday, 10/24/19

“A” Day

Meadows Debate Tournament in Las Vegas @ 9:00 AM

SAFE meeting @ 11:20 AM

OBOB Group 2 practice in the Gather Room @11:35 AM

OBOB Group 3 practice in Luci’s room @11:35 AM

MS OBOB practice 3:30-4:30

MS XC practice 3:30-4:30

Lunch menu: Mac and cheese (with or without bacon)

Green beans (VG)(GF)

Grandma’s Rolls & butter (V)

Caesar salad (VG)(GF)

Rice & beans (VG)(GF)

Apples & oranges (VG)(GF)