Outstanding potential

The Oak Hill School Merit Scholarship program was created for newly-enrolling, highly-qualified middle and high school students who will stand out as learners and leaders. OHS wants to recognize substantial academic, artistic, or community achievement. These scholarships are an institutional gift to select incoming students and may be up to $5,000 for middle school and up to $10,000 for high school.

These scholarships are not need-based but rather in recognition of meritorious achievement in a variety of fields. The awards are to be used for tuition at Oak Hill School. While not easily earned, these scholarships represent the honor and pride that the entire Oak Hill School community takes in our great school.

To be eligible, an incoming student must be able to demonstrate:

Excellence and achievement in a particular field or medium

GPA of 3.5 or above

Community involvement

Qualities of leadership and character

Curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking

Outstanding potential

• up to $5,000/year for middle school
• up to $10,000/year for high school

These scholarships remain in effect for the duration of a student’s career at Oak Hill School, so long as the required standards are maintained. The awarding of a Merit Scholarship will not affect the granting of additional financial aid. Winners remain eligible for need-based Financial Aid.

•  Applicants must be incoming students.

•  Merit Scholars will be held to the highest standards. These awards will go to an individual or individuals who demonstrate excellence in a chosen endeavor or field.

•  Middle School applicants will be in the range of 6th (entering) to the 8th grade.

•  High school applicants will be in the range of 9th (entering) to 12th grade.

•  All applicants must be in good academic status at time of application.

•  Student applicants must be able to give voice to a serious pursuit of college dreams.

•  Students must apply to and be accepted into Oak Hill School.