New Stories, New Adventures

Oak Hill School believes strongly in the power of education to forge students who will be ready, eager and curious to explore the wide world.  To further this goal, OHS has developed a robust International Student program.

Each year, 8 to 10 students from around the globe join our student body.

They live in host homes with carefully vetted families. In the past, our international students have arrived from such diverse cultures and countries as: Thailand, Mexico, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Pakistan, France, and Russia—but we’re always looking for new students with new stories and new adventures. The only shared characteristic among them is a burning desire to learn and to excel and to experience the type of education Oak Hill School is able to provide.

For further information regarding International Student applications, tuition costs, or I-20s, please contact James Pearson, Admissions Director, at:

Students and parents may also wish to visit our page at Eduhup.