Compelling, contextualized, comprehensible input is the principle that drives the Middle School Spanish program

Students new to the school, as well as continuing students from the elementary program, are presented the language in the context of mini-stories that evolve into longer readings. The students read, write and speak from the beginning always at appropriate levels. Students with prior Spanish experience from the elementary years are simply expected to respond based on what they know. Their responses are more complex than those of a classmate who is just beginning, but the instructor makes all responses comprehensible to students. The first year of Spanish 1 instruction covers two school years, at which time students are free to move into Spanish 2 in the 8th grade.

Students in Middle School and High School grades are able to participate in a bi-annual trip to Costa Rica. This trip typically occurs during summer vacation and focuses on exposing our students to the many cultures within the Spanish language. In High School, students are able to participate in a cultural exchange and service trip to Mexico.

Armando Morales, Upper School Spanish