Family members are encouraged to become involved in their student’s school life and the larger school community.

Parent involvement enhances the education that students receive and allows us to provide all students with more activities and opportunities than would otherwise be possible. The Community Service Organization (CSA) is charged with providing family members information about how to engage in school life, organize volunteer opportunities and monitor community service hours provided.

As with most high quality education organizations where involvement is part of the culture, we have an expectation that each parent performs 30 hours per year per family. Those families not providing 30 hours or more of service time to the institution will be charged $20 for each hour not submitted, up to 30 hours. The maximum amount charged per family is set at $600. A first round of billing for those families who have not submitted their required hours will begin in late May/early June. A final review of hours will occur just after the last day of school and the billing records will be updated accordingly. Any service time done during the summer break will be recorded towards the next school year unless there is a formal agreement with the CSA steering committee. Exceptions to the policy on hardship grounds may be considered by the CSA steering committee on a case-by-case basis and are reviewed annually. Please review the guidelines in the CSA bylaws as found on their website.