The Middle School theatre arts program is part of a rotation. Each middle schooler will take theatre arts for one third of the year. This course is designed to introduce Middle School students to the wonderful world of theatre while stressing scholarship and high artistic standards. Students will explore all aspects of theatre and will focus on acting as an art form. Basic acting technique is explored through improvisational games, exercises and scene work. A safe environment is provided to encourage creativity and fun. During the Middle School years, students are exposed to significant playwrights and theatre history.

Another focus of this class is to develop personal self -confidence, communication skills and teamwork.

This course will evaluate students based on participation and good will. While these Middle School years are spent on the fundamentals of acting through process, occasionally a performance project will grow out of the class dynamic. An example of a class project was an environmental production which was performed at a Eugene festival. It launched an international Green Show Project which was be performed in conjunction with the King’s School, Thailand, in the fall of 2011.

The middle schoolers are also encouraged to audition for the Main Stage Production every spring. At Oak Hill School, every interested student gets a part in the show. The productions are specially chosen to meet the needs of the majority of student actors and technicians, and they are always collaborative.

Kitsann Means, Public Speaking & Theater Arts