Humans are designed to move and be active.

The middle school P.E. program is designed to improve the lives of students through engaging physical activities. We recognize the importance of regular physical activity and how it benefits students. The focus of middle school P.E. is to encourage a lifestyle of physical activity by engaging students in movement activities that are fun and challenging. The goal is active participation and personal development for all students. Activities include games, fitness routines, sports, and an education of fitness principles.

Research has shown that regular physical activity creates improvements in:

    • Educational attainment
    • School engagement
    • Processing speed
    • Executive function/Inhibition/Mental flexibility
    • Memory
    • Academic performance
    • Brain structure and function
    • Concentration/Attention/Impulse control
    • Learning
    • AdHd management
    • Age-related cognitive decline management

Healthier, happier, more productive lives can be achieved through physical activity. All students in the Upper School are offered P.E. every day, which focuses on educating our students about healthy and active lifestyles. For students interested in playing extra-curricular sports, any sport that Oak Hill does not offer may played through the student’s home district.

Find out more about the benefits of physical activity and the worldwide agenda to improve the lives of children through: Designed to Move: A Physical Activity Agenda

Jenny DeLuca (Coach D.), Physical Education & Cross Country