Oak Hill School believes that service learning in an integral part of our school curriculum helping to build a full educational experience for our students. Additionally, service learning assists us all with understanding today’s world life outside of Oak Hill School. There are many service opportunities offered locally and internationally for students who may have a special interest or dedication to a particular organization. Oak Hill School’s high school (grades 9-12) students are required to complete a minimum number of community service hours every year. Students may accumulate hours beginning the summer prior to the start of school.

Basic Upper School Community Service Hours

Grade 9: 10 hours per year

Grade 10: 15 hours per year

Grade 11: 20 hours per year

Grade 12: 25 hours per year

Total graduation community service hours required: 70 hours or the pro-rated hours for students who are not here for their entire upper school experience.

While we encourage students to complete work on their community service requirement throughout the school year, we understand opportunities may arise during the summer months and students have the opportunity to complete their hours on a specific project during that time. Please check with the community service director with any questions regarding this requirement.

Students who work more than the minimum or perform community service in the summer may count the excess towards the next year’s requirement. Students must document their hours and obtain a site supervisor’s signature after completing a project. Hours must be turned in to the community service director. Transcripts, including senior transcripts, will be withheld until all community service hours are completed.

Please contact the office (office@oakhillschool.net) for service opportunities or any questions regarding community service.