Oak Hill School offers High School electives every day from 1:30-2:25, followed by P.E. from 2:30-3:15. Students choose two electives per term. Please see the menu below for more information on the mainstay elective courses Oak Hill offers.

The High School Fine Arts students have freedom to explore the diverse world of visual arts through a variety of media.  Depth of study is enriched through studies in art heritage, conceptual visualization, and advanced principles of art and design. Students work toward drawing mastery with a variety of challenging subjects, and explore creative visual communication. They develop technical and problem-solving skills while engaged in the mental and physical process of generating new ideas, interpreting thoughts, analyzing perceptions, synthesizing their knowledge base, and evaluating information to express their thoughts and feelings for others to see. Students are stretched to create artwork with excellent breadth showing quality in line, shape composition, tone, dimensional space, volume, form and depth. Student generated philosophical and descriptive statements accompany each artwork to validate the visual expression and enrich the viewer’s experience.

Oak Hill’s debate team — which meets as a Tuesday/Thursday elective — competes in tournaments throughout Oregon and the Pacific Northwest.  In 2015, the team took 2nd place at the State Championships for division 4A/3A/2A/1A schools, and multiple members of the team qualified for the National Speech and Debate Tournament in both 2014 and 2015.  Students learn and practice the fundamental elements of argumentation and public speaking as they engage in five different forms of competitive interscholastic debate:  Policy, Lincoln-Douglas, Parliamentary, Public Forum, and Congressional.  In addition, Oak Hill debaters have excelled at individual events such as dramatic interpretation, extemporaneous speaking, original oratory, radio commentary, and impromptu speaking.  For more information, please write us at debate@oakhillschool.net.

Oak Hill School has an amazing theatre department that performs at least 2 professional quality shows a year. In the past, our troupe has traveled to Thailand to perform for the royal family.

Oak Hill’s department of theatre arts has expanded to include a whole semester dedicated to film making as part of our fundamentals of theatre class.  Oak Hill has been presenting film festivals for the student’s short films for five years. In 2016, our festival included a full length feature film The New Doctrine, which was written by student Isabelle Rogers and produced by the theatre intensive class. The New Doctrine is currently being entered in film festivals.

The philosophy of this aspect of the theatre and film department is to provide an avenue for individuals to express themselves through the medium of cinema by doing their own research, applying fundamental acting techniques, learning to use the technical and editing equipment while meeting specific curriculum goals including scripts, storyboards, sound and light plots, etc.. Professional guest artists are invited to the school to provide guidance to each individual film maker in various artistic and technical capacities.

Oak Hill’s high school Rock Band is a Tuesday/Thursday elective which meets each week to develop students’ instrumental skills. Students help select the songs and work throughout the year to perform in both school and community concerts.

Oak Hill’s high school Jazz Band is a Monday/Wednesday/Friday elective which meets each week to develop students’ instrumental skills. Students help select the songs and work throughout the year to perform in both school and community concerts.

The yearbook is a student-run publication that strives to capture the lives of OHS students each year. The dedicated staff are in charge of every detail, from deciding the theme and cover to determining interview questions and photo layouts. Creating the yearbook requires staff members to learn to work together, communicate, and cultivate their skills as photographers, journalists, and graphic designers. This is a class that never ends; each staffer is always on the lookout for that perfect photo or that funny quote. It is our job to celebrate all that is special about our community and we take this role very seriously.