A diploma from OHS indicates successful completion of four years of a planned high school experience. For most students, this includes completion of the minimum core requirements outlined below. A student must maintain a full academic schedule per year, filling spaces after graduation requirements with academic electives, art electives, independent studies, TA opportunities, and courses off-campus. The academic requirements for graduation are as follows:

English 4 years
Social Studies 3 years
Academic Electives 4 years
Mathematics 3 years through a minimum of Algebra II.
Science 3 years of laboratory science
Foreign Language 3 years in one language through a level 3 course
Arts 3 years
Physical Education 4 years of Physical Education (PE) courses
Community Service 4 years (70 hours total)

Diplomas will be awarded when community service requirements are fulfilled and tuition and fees are paid in full. Rare exceptions to graduation requirements may include IEPs, 504s, transfers, and international coursework. Each exception requires approval by the Assistant Head of School