What makes Oak Hill's Upper School different from others?

: : Our UNcommon approach to education.

: : Our UNcommon core curriculum engages students deeply in the visual and performing arts, daily physical education, and an expectation of foreign language fluency (French, Mandarin or Spanish).

: : Our UNcommon methods include the regular use of small group discussion, project-based learning, and collaboration.  We promote investigations of history, asking questions that prompt analysis of our past in order to create a better tomorrow.  Literary and historical competence imparts knowledge, insight, and perspective that come only from a solid educational foundation.

: : Our UNcommon programs include cultural festivals (Equinox, Chinese New Year, Earth Day, et al.), Outdoor Pursuits in the middle school, music performances, three annual theater performances, athletics (cross country, volleyball, basketball, Pole, Pedal, Paddle) and a State Champion debate team. Several students at Oak Hill have individualized schedules so they can participate in extracurricular interests that align well with the Oak Hill mission, including theater, dance, music, visual art, interscholastic athletics, martial arts and dual enrollment.

: : Finally, our UNcommon people make the Oak Hill community special. Our students are academically curious, inclusive, understanding, and, more often than not, they do the right thing—they are “caring and responsible critical thinkers.” A tireless, enthusiastic, and engaging faculty leads our students on a daily basis. In addition, Oak Hill has a multi-talented staff that is able to balance many different tasks simultaneously in order to support success for our students. Finally, all the time and energy our parents spend supporting our students both on—and off—the Oak Hill campus.

Taken together, the uncommon core, uncommon programs, and uncommon people define Oak Hill’s excellence.

The culture and curriculum at Oak Hill foster a lifelong love of learning, providing the foundation for students to thrive in college and be successful into adulthood.

Welcome to our Uncommon Upper School community,

Joshua A. Melton
Upper School Head

Joshua A. Melton, Upper School Head

High School Information Webinar

Streamed live on Feb 8, 2017
A webinar to discuss the Oak Hill School high school program with Upper School Head, Joshua A. Melton, Ph.D.