On the OH Campus

Beginning in 2014, grades 7-12 have studied Shakespeare plays with the goal of performing them in a day long, all Upper School assembly. With support of the core subject and elective teachers, we commit English class time to the study of the plays, and a full day to celebrating and performing them together. Students in grades 7-12 wrestle with authentic language and staging considerations, edit text for clarity and brevity, are responsible for costumes and props, and come ready to support each other’s efforts as classes introduce and perform a variety of very well known (Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Macbeth) and less well known (Troilus and Cressida, Anthony and Cleopatra) plays.  Interspersed between performances are break out activities (alchemy, insult hurling, juggling, and others based on staffing).

Ashland Trip

Annually, students in the high school have the opportunity to attend plays in Ashland at the acclaimed Oregon Shakespeare Festival. As an enrichment activity, this trip ties in with the arts curriculum and English curriculum at Oak Hill. Additionally, and possibly more importantly, this trip is a great deal of fun. Depending on the calendar and slate of plays, this is a two or three day trip.