Exploring with Ms. Denise

In 3rd grade, we focus on independent reading contracts, 6-Trait Writing skills, Lucy Calkins Writing Pathways, cursive handwriting skills, and Everyday Math which is integrated with common core math skills. In addition, we integrate these subject areas into our history and science units.

We have exciting opportunities at Oak Hill School to explore and experience hands-on environmental education on our beautiful campus.

The children investigate Cartography with Jim Luzzi, our school naturalist.  They learn about mapping the OHS campus to scale and create vibrant watercolor maps.  In the spring, the children practice using a compass and by following detailed instructions given in degrees and the cardinal directions, uncover a buried treasure!   

This year, we studied one of nature’s recyclers, the earthworm. We created our own worm bins in the classroom and learned how to care for a creature so small. We also have a beautiful garden bed where we planted fava beans, which we then harvested for a “favalicious” meal!

My goal in the classroom is to keep the children engaged and excited about learning. I enjoy seeing their faces light up when they accomplish goals they never thought possible! We work hard and have fun at Oak Hill School.

Denise Murray, Third Grade