Oak Hill’s Lower School is a vibrant, exuberant, shining example of elementary education. The small classrooms are inviting and safe places where students are allowed to explore and to create and share and to grow. In these early years, children will gain the social and academic foundations, the tools, that will allow them to prosper as they move forward in their academic lives. Critical thinking and analytical skills are emphasized.

Our students are independent and creative thinkers at an early age.

Our teachers work hard to develop a holistic learning environment– one in which a student is nurtured and both challenged and encouraged in learning. Through a myriad of lesson types and styles, our instructors strive to teach the whole child. Classroom lessons are supported by a rich array of specialty classes – students receive P.E. every day; and there are offerings in technology, music, art, and public speaking. The beautiful physical surroundings of our the campus serve to enhance the Lower School experience. With rolling green hills, native oaks, wildlife, streams, bee hives, and organic gardens, OHS is gifted with the perfect tool for hands-on learning when it comes to ecology, nature and the environment.

The staff and faculty of OHS pride ourselves on producing creative, intelligent and adaptable students, ready and able to explore the world and become global citizens.

To further this mission and philosophy, every LS child is given training in foreign languages. This begins in kindergarten where students are introduced to French and Spanish and Mandarin and continues throughout the Lower School. By 3rd grade, students focus on one particular language. They pick it up and they run with it.

Lower School Students may also choose to attend our many after-school enrichment programs, allowing even the youngest to immerse themselves in activities such as sewing, singing, chess, dance, computers, theater, language, yoga, and more.