Public Speaking for the Lower School includes exercises designed to meet the needs of the individual student. The teacher acts as a private coach working to give each child a successful public speaking experience every week. Classes often support the core classroom projects or current events. Other sample topics include, descriptive speeches, holidays, verbal and non-verbal communication, story-telling, interview techniques, research, persuasive speeches, self-introductions, use of visual aids and graphics, how to answer questions from the audience and humor. Each class is focused on allowing the student to discover his/her own voice, clearly communicate his/her objectives, maintain self-confidence as well as learn to give constructive criticism and become supportive audience members. In addition to public speaking, some basic acting techniques are introduced. Occasionally original student plays are written and produced during class time.


An after school acting class is offered at least one semester every year to form the Oak Hill Young Company. This intensive class is fun and culminates in a full scale production at the end of the semester. Interested Lower School actors are invited to join the Spring production at the end of the year in collaboration with the Upper School students.

Kitsann Means, Public Speaking & Theater Arts