Transitioning with Ms. Kim

A typical day in the life of an Oak Hill 5th grader is a busy one. In addition to our rich arts, PE, technology, public speaking, and language programs, students spend the bulk of their day with Ms. Kim studying language arts, math, history and science.

Reading happens continuously throughout the day as students are encouraged to read, read, read!

Students are assigned specific books appropriate to their reading abilities and work on reading and responding to these books most mornings. Through individualized work, reading circles, and group discussions, students are able to expand their knowledge and comprehension of many books throughout the year.

In 5th grade we focus on all the basics and spend a lot of time exploring history and science.

As part of our study of the 13 original colonies we learn about the golden age of piracy and many of the notorious pirates of that time. Students do research reports on pirates such as Blackbeard, Calico Jack, Mary Read, and Stede Bonnet. They create a treasure map using skills learned in geography, and also design their own pirate flag. We read Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island together, and then participate in a treasure hunt on campus; filled with secret messages, pirate lore, and buried treasure.

Other language arts curriculum includes spelling, handwriting, grammar, and writing. Students are assigned weekly spelling words based on ability and range from 5th grade level to SAT words. We write in a variety of modes and students learn to do organized and thorough research reports. Daily journal writing, weekly creative writing assignments, and long-term writing projects are part of our day.

Although Everyday Math is our primary mathematics curriculum, students are given a wide variety of additional math work to further enrich our program. Students work to master all basic math skills, and activities such as graphing, Sudoku, tessellations, and logic problems keep our math work fun and exciting.

In science we study chemistry and learn the scientific method. Each week we perform an experiment delving into the amazing things that happen when common substances are mixed together. After studying mystery writing in language arts we use our skills as chemists to evaluate a crime scene set up in our classroom. Students become the detectives in this activity and spend hours evaluating fingerprints, mysterious fibers, secret messages, and many other clues to solve the crime.

My philosophy is that learning should be fun and kids deserve to be engaged and excited about school. My goal is that students leave 5th grade with solid skills and confidence in their ability to do well in school and in the world beyond.

School should be a place children can’t wait to get to each day.

Kim Davis, Fifth Grade