Oak Hill places the highest priority upon student safety and security. Our rural campus is off the beaten path and completely surrounded by an unobtrusive yet tall fence. Visitors must pass through an entrance gate. The gate and the campus grounds are also under the 24 hour eye of monitored security cameras. Upon entry, all visitors are required to check in at the central office and are assigned guest badges that must remain visible. Perhaps one of the defining features of our safety matrix lies in the our size– because we are a small and close-knit community, looking out for each other becomes a group effort. Faculty, staff, and parents are well aware of who belongs on campus and all of us keep an eye for strangers.

Finally, due to our location, the campus is also patrolled by our neighbors, the Lane Community College security forces.

All students must be signed out of the front office in order to be taken out of school early, or given prior permission from parents/guardians if in the high school.

Oak Hill conducts semi-annual safety drills, including fire, earthquake, tornado, and lock-down drills.

For more information, please contact the Facilities Director Cameron Brooks, at cbrooks@oakhillschool.net