Board of Trustees

A Board of Trustees governs Oak Hill School.  The responsibilities of the Board are to determine and guide the character, mission, and culture of the School, to establish overall policies for the School, to assure the financial sustainability of the School, and to cause the policies that the Board adopts to be effectively implemented.  Board members volunteer their time and resources to further the Oak Hill School mission “to provide the best K-12 education, creating caring and responsible critical thinkers,” and ensure the school’s success.

The Oak Hill School Board of Trustees consists of 5 committees.  All committee memberships, with the exceptions of the Executive Committee and the Governance Committee, are open to Oak Hill School constituent groups (parents, alumni, alumni parents, grandparents, friends), given they possess the appropriate background, expertise, and interest.

The Development Committee:  Responsible for all areas of fundraising for the school.  Includes oversight of the CSA and alumni association and any other ad hoc or regular groups that support the School.

The Executive Committee: Leads the Board, members are the Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, and the Secretary.  Authorized to act on behalf of the board in matters that require immediate action and in between board meetings.  Ensures that policy changes are carried out.   Oversees the evaluation of the Head’s performance.

The Facilities Committee:  Ensures adequate facilities and oversees the maintenance of the physical plant of the school.  Guides master planning, and researches avenues for appropriate and proactive growth.

The Finance Committee:  Guides financial reporting.  Ensures fiduciary responsibility and oversight.

The Governance Committee:  Recruits/orients/assesses Board members and Board performance, regularly reviews the school’s bylaws, and plans the annual retreat.

Primary Responsibilities of the Board of Trustees:

  • Developing a strategic vision

  • Policy development and approval

  • Hiring and working collaboratively with, as well as overseeing, the Headmaster

  • Approving an annual budget, including salary package and tuition setting

  • Overseeing financial accountability

  • Ensuring that in broad terms the school is fulfilling its mission

The Board-Head Connection

The Board and the Headmaster are partners in carrying out the mission and vision of the school. The Board is concerned with sustainability, which allows the administration and faculty to provide the exceptional curriculum and teaching that define the Oak Hill School experience. The Headmaster can be considered the CEO of the school, and he/she provides for the long-term implementation of the Board-driven strategic vision for the school in respect to the daily affairs of the school.

Primary Responsibilities of the Headmaster:

  • Works with the board of trustees to establish and refine the mission

  • Articulates the mission to parents, faculty, staff, students

  • Oversees the shaping of the school’s program and the quality of life in the school community

  • Effectively leads the school, involving members of the administration and faculty in decision making

  • Responsible for attracting, retaining, developing, and evaluating qualified faculty and staff (hiring and firing)

  • Guides financial management, maintenance of the physical plant, strategic planning and fundraising

  • Serves as an ambassador of the school within the greater community

  • Serves ex-officio as a member of all committees

The 2013-2014 Board of Trustees:

Terry Niegel, Chair, Ex-Officio at all Committees

Terry is father to Tanner Niegel (2021), and is a tax partner at Kernutt Stokes LLP.  Terry is an innovative problem solver with a calm, yet resolute demeanor. Terry applies his business acumen and financial savvy to all he does on the Oak Hill School board.  Terry has been essential to the growth and expansion of Oak Hill over the past several years and continues to usher the school safely forward.


Nathan Mattox, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Finance Committee Chair

Nathan Mattox, is father to recent graduate Nathan (2013) and current 4th Grader Samantha (2022). Nathan retired from auto sales in 2008 and has found a passion for real estate investment.  He owns properties in Eugene, Springfield, Bend, and Anchorage, all of which he manages himself. Nathan is both congenial and cooperative, while possessing the courage of his convictions.  He always provides a meaningful and well-considered viewpoint in all board-related decisions.


Cynthia Morris, Secretary, Finance and Facilities Committees

Cynthia Morris is mother to David Curtis (2023) and Mark Curtis (2022). Cynthia’s impressive resume includes working at the National Gallery in Washington, DC, teaching high school German, and working for both Christie’s in London and Sotheby’s in New York.  In addition, she and her husband successfully launched and ran a Hong Kong-based distribution business.  Cynthia currently serves as the COO/CFO of local creative arts products wholesaler Petersen-Arne.  Cynthia is a board member with vision. Cynthia Morris has dedicated countless hours helping Oak Hill to envision the future, plan for growth, weather growing pains, and proactively problem solve.

Joel Narva, Governance Committee Chair

A true Oak Hill School pioneer, Joel served as a math teacher at Oak Hill 1994 to 2010.  Joel currently substitutes and tutors at Oak Hill and is a musician in the band Dreamdog.  A Sudoku ace, Joel is known for his creativity, enthusiasm, and ability to make mathematics fun.   Joel chairs the Governance Committee and takes the title of trustee seriously, insisting that he has been entrusted to help make decisions that will guide Oak Hill in the future to be the best school it can be.


Deidre Sandvick, Development Committee

Deidre Sandvick, is mother to twins Chloe and Ella (2025).  Deidre currently holds the position of Director of Development for the Northwest Region at the University of Oregon.  Deidre Sandvick has over 17 years of development experience working for arts organizations and in higher education.  Incredibly blithe, professional and competent, Deidre is a proactive problem solver who is adept at solving fundraising issues. Her background and expertise in the field of development has afforded Deidre experience working with boards and the ability to build capacity and advise on a myriad of board projects.


Headmaster, Bob Sarkisian, Ex-Officio

Bob’s educational career began over forty years ago, teaching middle and high school American literature, theater, and writing. He founded two and headed three independent schools.  He spent over 28 years as Head of The Meadowbrook School in Pennsylvania where his standard of excellence “made him a legendary education leader in the metropolitan Philadelphia region and beyond”. Bob has ushered Oak Hill into a new age of growth and success.  His leadership style is open and inclusive and has inspired and galvanized enthusiasm, as well as forward momentum.