How do we compare?

  • 2015 READING*
  • 2015 MATH*
*Note: We report everyone while other schools/systems do not.


This past month, The Register-Guard reported a dip in the math portion of the SAT scores for Oregon students.  They also reported that reading stayed the same.  Although we know that the quality of a school is much more than their average SAT scores, we still are curious as to how we stack up against other schools and/or systems.  We analyze this data annually. On this measure of performance, we clearly have much to be excited about.
Mr. S


Below are a set of terrific short videos, created recently by University of Oregon marketing students.
Each of them highlights one of the wonderful aspects of growing up in the Oak Hill community.

“If you have a dream, they help you make it come true.” — Recent graduate Nikolas Johnson describes some of the things he likes best about Oak Hill School.
“They trust us to teach them the stuff that matters.” — Oak Hill School 6th grade teacher and alumna Alice Chatham speaks about how OHS fosters communication and trust.
“An education worth investing in.” — Parent Deborah Green on why her family chose Oak Hill School.

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